15 de marzo de 2007

Three kids are in school............

A White, a Black and a Hispanic kid.

The teacher tells them to make a sentence with the
words "liver" and "cheese."

White kid says: "My Mom made me a liver
and cheese sandwich and it was good."

Black kid says: "My Daddy told my Momma
to get the Government cheese and she didn't, so my Daddy punched her in the

Hispanic kid says: "Some kids were trying
to look under my sister's dress and I told the cabrones, "Hey!!! Liver
alone, cheese my sister!"

2 comentarios:

Curiosa dijo...

Estoy casi llorando de la risa jajajajaja
Demasiado bueno jajajajaja

SOL dijo...

Eso esta como "guachiman" :D